<![CDATA[New BOINC client with security updates!]]> <![CDATA[Project list updates]]> <![CDATA[YAFU Project have Android app!]]> <![CDATA[NativeBOINC update (]]> <![CDATA[Enigma@Home app is in project server!]]> Delete project binaries option.]]> <![CDATA[Primegrid app is in project server!]]> Delete project binaries option.]]> <![CDATA[New projects adds an Android apps!]]> <![CDATA[theSkyNet POGS have app on their server!]]> <![CDATA[NativeBOINC update (]]> <![CDATA[NativeBOINC with Hungarian translations]]> <![CDATA[Yoyo@Home app on the project server!]]> <![CDATA[New NativeBOINC and BOINC clients!]]> <![CDATA[nativeboinc.org changes IP address!]]> <![CDATA[theSkyNet POGS for ARMv6!]]> <![CDATA[New SETI@Home v7 available!]]> <![CDATA[WUProp@Home app from project server!]]> Delete project binaries' option and select 'WUProp@Home' project. After deleting an application BOINC client will download application from project server. We recommend to stop client before deleting binaries.]]> <![CDATA[New NativeBOINC]]> <![CDATA[New WUProp@Home app!]]> <![CDATA[New SETI@Home app version]]> <![CDATA[New NativeBOINC]]> <![CDATA[New BOINC app for Albert@Home!]]> <![CDATA[NativeBOINC with translation updates]]> <![CDATA[NativeBOINC with translation updates]]> <![CDATA[New NativeBOINC 0.4.4 and BugCatcher!]]> <![CDATA[Finally, SETI@Home application is available!]]> <![CDATA[New NativeBOINC fixes major bug!]]> <![CDATA[New WuPROP@Home application]]> <![CDATA[All BOINC apps has been updated!]]> <![CDATA[NativeBOINC]]> <![CDATA[Primegrid has been updated]]> <![CDATA[New NativeBOINC!]]> <![CDATA[Asteroids@Home available for Android!]]> <![CDATA[WUProp@Home 0.1.3 available]]> <![CDATA[New NativeBOINC 0.4.3!]]> <![CDATA[Small fix for NativeBOINC]]> <![CDATA[Next fixes for NativeBOINC]]> <![CDATA[BOINC client important updates!]]> <![CDATA[Yoyo@Home app recompilation]]> <![CDATA[NativeBOINC available!]]> <![CDATA[NativeBOINC available!]]> <![CDATA[NativeBOINC (NPE fixes)]]> <![CDATA[New application for Yoyo@Home!]]> <![CDATA[NativeBOINC (translation updates)]]> <![CDATA[New NativeBOINC 0.4.2 available!]]> <![CDATA[New WuPROP@Home application (again)]]>